Clean clothes in one corner, dirty clothes in another, bed unmade with comforter on floor, navy blue MOGU pillow, blinds pulled down, Brookstone CD player (on), retro rotating fan (off). Diary sporadically kept, sometimes in words sometimes in pictures. He’s shown me the pictures but never the words. Color changing night light, dream catcher. In another corner broken neon lamp sculpture heaped on floor, lava lamp (not broken) lying on top, unplugged. He said he didn’t want one without the other. I left them there. Behind heap a light blue Denver Nuggets basketball. Empty eyeglass case opened on dresser, also on dresser “First State Quarters of the United States Collector’s Map” 1999-2008 (up to date), ceramic penguin with Austin fired across chest, various pens and markers scattered, conch shell, small bongo drum, New York snow globe, square freezer-container of coins, shoebox of dollar bills padlocked through lid and side with keys in lock. I try to explain the fallibility of this system but he just stares at me. On bookshelf dusty, dusty collection of Goosebumps books, Jr. Golf Tournament trophy—1st place—2005, CD collection, three wooden African masks waiting to be hung on walls. On walls red Ferrari poster, dart board (magnetic), his own drawing of mountains and army tank, bulletin board. Missing—wallet, for two weeks now.

update: all items except books, papers and pencils removed pending remorse.
update: all items returned.


Clean clothes slung over desk chair, dirty clothes on pile beside bed, bed neatly made, light blue MOGU pillow, one blind down, one blind slightly opened and slanted like a cat’s eye, Brookstone CD player (on), retro rotating fan (on). Stacked on headboard bookcase pile of Game Pro magazines, middle school yearbook—2005, half gone tub of gummi candy. He has braces and eats them slowly. New Zealand and Hard Rock hats and shadow box of shells we picked up on St. Petersburg beach—1998 on window seal under slant blind. Rolled up world map mural in one corner, next to Fender guitar autographed by Lenny Kravitz. This signed to Andrew’s father, but belongs to Andrew now. Guitar hooks (in boxes unopened) waiting to be hung on walls. Another Fender and Acoustic waiting to be hung on guitar hooks. Guitar amp, cords, various picks scattered throughout room, Yamaha keyboard with all bells and whistles on black stand. He plays guitar, he’s teaching himself piano, sort of. Empty eyeglass case opened on desk, black light, on dresser spinning red light, strobe light in shape of eyeball. Digital camera, video camera, collection of self-written, directed, and “filmed” movies, guitar books, notebook of songs written on blank sheet music on bookshelf with dusty talking globe on top. Also New York snow globe, CDs and Ipod charger. Nothing on walls. Missing—three-foot plastic replica of Nipper (the RCA dog, whose head keeps coming off). Must have been retired to basement.


Clean clothes in a pile on bed, dirty clothes in clothes basket and heaped on floor in middle of room, bed unmade with two comforters, three pillows and navy blue study pillow piled on top. Also on top of bed CDs, school papers and envelope containing a check, a baby picture and a form filled out with heart felt sentiments to be turned into the yearbook office for Senior Baby Pictures—deadline December 2, 2005. I wondered why the check hadn’t cleared the bank yet. Bamboo blinds (two fully open, the one above the bed only half), Brookstone CD player (off), scrolling neon sign with words “Rotary Power” in red, two lava lamps, eyeglasses on nightstand (no case) and not over his eyes! On desk stuffed monkey with heart given by his now (but not then) girlfriend, two stuffed kissing monkeys given by his now girlfriend, small Florida license plate, Gators’ car flag, two gear shifter knobs, shrimp ecosphere globe with shrimp still alive after five years. This sitting on top of “ambient” water fountain bowl filled with pebbles and water but seldom running. On bookshelf Super Street magazines, 2003 and 2004 high school yearbooks, several model cars, large black scorpion preserved in glass box, books on Nissans, Tupac Shakur, and World War II and framed pencil drawing of 2Pac. Fog machine in closet. Propped beside desk against wall weights and snowboard. Boots and heavy gloves nearby on floor. On walls posters: Bob Marley, Eminem, Nas, Kanye West, Scarface, Miller Light girl in bikini, car calendar with girls in bikinis, cars, cars, cars, Bandimere Speedway license plate, Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs ticket stub—2004. This game attended with his father. Pencil drawing of 240SX Nizmo and pencil drawing of Nissan 240SX (his, in color). Missing—MOGU pillow. I don’t know the color; I haven’t seen it in a long time. (March 2006, Miller Ct.)

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