Water logged

The faucet exploded all over the kitchen today. Which meant a trip to the hardware store and another decision. I hate decisions. Where most people see a wall of 50 kitchen faucets, I see 500. And of course my other half can’t go, he’s got basketball to watch, and not only that but would I mind taking Andrew with me to get new shoes, since he’s got basketball to watch. Yes! I mind very much! No, I won’t take Andrew to do something he’s already promised to do.

So I spent two hours under the kitchen sink replacing a faucet that I’m sure would have lasted 30 years in a house full of women. I didn’t have time for this today. I didn’t have time for all the things I needed to do today. I certainly didn’t have time for taxes. They are still waiting to torment me and I have less and less time to put them off. I wonder if I put them on the curb, like an old dresser or rusty lawn mower, would someone come along and haul them off? Maybe I should put them in a cage and take them to SPCA. They are nasty little things and have a bad bite. They can put them to sleep.

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