Limited Alphabet

Letters used: A C D E H I J M N O R S

Mona ran inside her home. She had roses on her armoire. She screamed. Dried roses had crashed in her room. Her canine, Sammie, remained near her roses. He seemed scared. He heard her and ran. Mona cried, “Oh no!” She searched amid roses and shards on her shins. “Come in,” she said as Jim dashed in. “I am scared,” she said. “I searched and reached no end.” He had a sincere demeanor as he caressed her hair. She decided her diamond had hidden in her mess. Her head ached and she cried. Jim reached across and smooched her. She arose and dried her nose. Her mascara smeared, she nodded in shame. “No harm done,” he said. Jim charmed her and mended her sadness. “I made dinner,” he said, a macaroni dish in his hands. “He’s nice,” she considered.

As Mona dined on ham, macaroni, and cider, she admired Jim’s handsome chin. She desired him and needed his caress. He had chosen her and made her dreams soar. He handed her a card and she cried as she read, “I dreamed her name echoed in me.” Mona discarded her shoes and she and Jim danced ear and ear. As disco drenched Mona's room, Jim caressed her hand and she careened. His hand on hers seemed dear. She danced in his arms and cherished his romance. She adored him. “I dreamed her name echoed in me,” roamed in her head. Once married, she and Jim can share dreams. Mona and Jim’s dance soon ended. He eased her in her chair. She and Jim dined on ice cream. Her mind soon made her sad once more. Her roses had crashed and hid her diamond. Sammie ran in. A hard disc shone in his incisors. Her cares eased aside. She had her diamond.

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