Just Today

Turn down the music. Turn down the base. Turn down the TV. Turn down the noise. Turn down these voices inside my head (Thank Bonnie Raitt). Make a list. Do your homework. Do your chores. Do your duty. Do your time. Set the table. Set the clock. Set the mood. Turn down the music.

Make a list. Buy the milk. Buy the bread. Buy the chicken.

Research colleges. Do your homework. Tell my story. Make the call. Try not to do it. Try to help. Do not lean. Do not be leaned on. Make a list. See all possibilities.

Go to school. Go to the mall. Go to the bank. Go to the cleaners.


Take the dogs -- to the vet, to the groomers, to the trainers, to the park. Buy them treats. Buy them toys. Let them out. Let them in.

Don’t talk to strangers. Be a friend. Help others. Be yourself. Don’t follow. Don’t alienate. Don’t get suspended. Don’t call me to bring your homework. Don’t disrespect. Do your best. Think.

Check it out. See what it is. See how much it costs. See how it rates. See if it is needed. See if it is dependable. See if it makes life better. See if it doesn’t really matter anyway.

Make a list. Pay the bills. Pay the electric. Pay the cable. Pay the gas. Pay the mortgage with the next paycheck. Balance the checkbook. Find the checkbook. Order more checks. Don’t forget the bills forgotten.

Vacuum. Dust. Mop. Fold.


Clean your room. Make your bed. Put your clothes away. Don’t talk back. Come here. Go to your room. Tell your friends to pick up after themselves. Tell your friends we don’t live in a barn. Tell your friends to turn off the lights. Tell your friends money doesn’t grow on trees. Tell your friends, Because I Said So! Tell your friends to go home. Be mad at me. Love me. Mind me. Trust me. Look at me. Learn from my mistakes. Be your own person.

Remember. Remember what it is that needs to be remembered. Make a list.

Get up. Make breakfast, coffee too. Sign papers. Send him off at 7:00. Send him off at 7:30. Send him off at 8:00. Drink coffee. Make a list.

Call the To Call list. Call a friend first. Remember the days. Take advice until it’s time to give advice. Solve all problems. Take call waiting.

Wait for the principal. Try not to cry. Try not to shout. Try to remember childhood. Try to understand. Make a game plan. Call all friends and cancel birthday party. Go to your room. Think.

Make a list. Make a chore chart. Make a behavior chart. Read a good book to change the world. Make it all better. Make it go away. Make it right. Make a kiss enough.

Be home at 11:30. Don’t smoke. Don’t do drugs. Don’t drink. Don’t drive. Don’t ask what I used to do. Don’t tell me what other parents do. Don’t do what other kids do. Don’t try to prove.

Breathe. Remember. Understand.

Make a list.


At 3:18 PM, Anonymous Anonimo said...

This is great! What a creative mind you have, keep going!

At 2:07 PM, Anonymous Duane Dove said...

Dear Sharon, I have been reading your stuff.The vulnerability in your writing is very evident and makes it very easy for us the reader to feel like we know you, because we can relate. The technical part of writing can be learned, but you have such a natural way of opening your soul and pouring it onto paper. Not many can do that. Call me and lets go shopping one day and have lunch. Your newest of admirers.. Goddess Duane Dove..Im in the book

At 11:04 AM, Anonymous Anonimo said...

Sharron, was this an assignment? It is very good. It puts into words exactly how I feel sometimes. Wow! Nelle

At 5:37 PM, Blogger Sharron said...

Thank you so much Goddess D. That was very sweet and you made my day. Shopping and lunch sound great. I will look you up.

At 5:40 PM, Blogger Sharron said...

Nelle, it was an assignment, but it is all real life, unfortunately in some parts, I'm afraid!


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